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Maybe You should take the time to read

It seems that I have to itterate the rules.

Could before making and passing judgement on this community, could you read the rules. This community was in no way made because of broken hearts. What gives you that impression I shall never know. I for one do not have a broken heart, I'm sure it works perfectly well.

It was made in pent up anger, because yes, there are alot of things that piss many people off, myself included. So instead of putting endless rants in my own journal, I felt it would be appropriate if I made a lj community in which to place them as it would seem that alot of people tend to rant also. Also keeps my own journal, relativly Drama Free.

If you want to say that this community is to get back at someone, I am sure that I would have done far worse than this. So please base your accusations on something true and not random gossip.

Everyone has there right to express there opinions. Freedom Of Speech it would seem. If you cannot handle the feedback you gain, then I suggest you don't speak again unless you can deal with the consiquences. You may have to deal with randomisations that you have made, so be prepared to deal with the responses, or else don't make your opinion known.

If you have a problem with this community, its simple. Don't join it in the first place.

What members post is of there own accord. I cannot be held responsible for this, and the community shall not be either. So please refrain from labelling the community on what few members say or display.

Again I would like to stress, that this is a livejournal community. It is also moderated. it is not a playground for your personal dispuites and if again I find anyone breaking the rules, I shall have to remove you from this community, either temporary or permanently. I take this community serious, and I shall enforce rules.

In recent events however, I must say that some people should grow up and learn to see beyond what they think they know and actually look at the truth instead. If you have any questions please contact me and I shall clear them up for you.

Rules of Conduct

1. It is one thing to hate a general subject but it is another to hate a person. Although we allow you to express your feelings on a variety of subjects, we will not tolerate the hate of another human being who is outwith the public eye.
2. Flaming is not permitted. Flaming another member of the comunity or anyone else will result in a temperary ban. Continue flaming and the ban shall be extended and you will be expelled from the community.
3. This community is light hearted. We will not take anything said in seriousness, so I stress that you should not bring personal conflicts into the community at any said time.
4. If you would like to be added to this community then join and comment here and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.

Any queries contact the community maintainer or moderators.

spriter and mother
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