Jessi / Pretty Hate Machine (calesta) wrote in freehate,
Jessi / Pretty Hate Machine

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In the hole

I absolutely hate not having any money. One of my pet peeves is being in debt. I honestly hate owing people money. I've been applying to just about every place I can think of that would hire an 18 year old desperate to work shitty hours for shitty pay, but most of the time when I actually got a call back, they said they were waiting for school to start so they can determine just how many need to be hired and where. ARUGH! I NEED SOME FECKING MONEY!!! I need to pay off the debts. I need to get a new car... or at least one that will run. I mean, the one I've got now runs MOST of the time, but it's had its iffy moments. *grumble*

And whoring myself is COMPLETELY out of the question. XD *lol*

Would any of you perchance need someone killed and would be willing to pay me something for it? XD BLAH! I'm just kidding.

Being poor just fecking sucks my ass.
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