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Rant #2

Ok well...heres another rant from me...

One thing I truely hate...

When you make really good friens via a message board, you don't post there anymore and then that friend completly forgets about you. I hate it because even though I consider that person or person(s) in my case, a really good friend, they just don't give me the light of day because I'm not at the same message board as them any more or I don't post so much. Its not my fault that I can't but it annoys me that people can be so inconsiderate and just not care about "said friends" unless there posting mindless shit on a forum that they go to.

I know its not true friendship then, and it actually verges on being extremly shallow. Its just hurtful that I would consider so many people to be friends and because I don't post at al or fg any more, I'm tossed away like trash. Perhaps my bad for not going there any more, but its bloody annoying.

Another thing I hate. Drama. The internet seems to be one big cess pool of drama to me. Why can't people just get on or not talk at all? Why feel the need to publically show your hate for someone when you really don't care about them and there life? I can see it if you really care about the person and need to expell some feelings, but if its some random person you don't even know, you really should get a grip and reaccess what you do and don't care about. I hate the internet, because you can't see the other person at the other side, its easy to assume things that aren't true and think that they hate you or are mad at you. Its really frustrating at times. But generally all this drama is caused by a misunderstanding of each other. You don't like each other, just don't speak to one another, theres no reason to go get people on your side or make big public entries about your hate for them or the injustice. If you really didn't care about them, then why such the attention?

I also hate reputations...god, why should we care about reputations on the internet? Gossip and Rumours? We're not in the playground, theres no point in spreading gossip or paying any attention to it at all. If somethings false ad you know its false, why go round and justify it if your not even friends with the people that believe it. You don't work or live near them every day, your not likely to bump into them half way down the street and there going to shout; "Oh I heard you cybered with so and so". Nobody actually does that. Do you honestly think a reputation on here is going to translate exactly to one offline? The things people get wound up about is so stupid. People take others online far too seriously. We shouldn't.

Life shouldn't be terribly serious, niether should all the online crap of the day.

[/end rant]
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