Ariel (shokanshi) wrote in freehate,

Let's revive this place a bit

Hey kids, welcome to this edition of "things I hate". Mind you, this will piss you off, because quite unlike most people, I don't asume I'm a good person. In fact, I asume I'm an idiot, and have a lingering dislike for even those who are close to me. That said, let us begin.

There's many things, or rather, kinds of people I hate. I hate, for instance, good people. People who manage to be interesting, popular, attractive, nice and intellectual, artfaggy and nerdish, all at once. And are not assholes about it. I have this immature overbearing sense of sheer envy and loathing to people like that. I for one don't think I could accomplish a life like that even if I tried, which is what most of you will attribute to me "not trying", in our common capitalist world-view which considers that everything is earned. Well, nothing is truly earned. Everything is fucking sheer chance, and we should all just stop being hypocrites and plainly accept this fact. Nobody deserves anything. And I want everything. Ahh, Marx, Camus and Orwell I love you guys, you've warped my concept of life to the degree that I don't really want to meet any new people because I asume everyone is a stupid cunt anyway.

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