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First Hate! WoOt WOoT

Well now that the rules and such are up (formalities you see) I'd like to start with my first hate....

Well...Fake boobs...

I guess my prime hate target would be

How many boob jobs HAS Jordan had? I mean...won't there be a point when she is nothing more than plastic? She should be a Barbie cosplayer, I bet she has more plastic in her chest than a Barbie doll factory has EVER.

Yes she may look nice and "beautiful" to some men, but all she gives off is the impression that shes a major slut, backed by the fact shes slept with gareth Gates and willing to admit it fully in a book. Now come on, isn't your sex life suposed to be private? And shes publishing a BOOK on it!!

I don't see why in this day and age, bigger boobs are seen as better. I bet Jordan can never do Jumping Jacks unless she wants two black eyes (which she normally had due to bad eye makeup) and a broken nose.

Why oh why should young girls be brought up reading glamour magazines and growing up thinking that the only way they'll get on in life is by having big boobs and acting like a slut :\

Well thats me for my first rant. Come on! Post away your hates and annoyances :)

Jens first hate : Plastic Surgery and Jordan :D

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