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add? [09 Apr 2006|06:36pm]
Hey everyone, I made this journal so I could add strangers & therefore rant and rave about everything & everyone I wish to rant and rave about. I've got a lot of anger & shit in me which needs to come out someplace, and anyway if you want to join in just add me. =)

Let's revive this place a bit [20 Sep 2003|12:44am]

Hey kids, welcome to this edition of "things I hate". Mind you, this will piss you off, because quite unlike most people, I don't asume I'm a good person. In fact, I asume I'm an idiot, and have a lingering dislike for even those who are close to me. That said, let us begin.

There's many things, or rather, kinds of people I hate. I hate, for instance, good people. People who manage to be interesting, popular, attractive, nice and intellectual, artfaggy and nerdish, all at once. And are not assholes about it. I have this immature overbearing sense of sheer envy and loathing to people like that. I for one don't think I could accomplish a life like that even if I tried, which is what most of you will attribute to me "not trying", in our common capitalist world-view which considers that everything is earned. Well, nothing is truly earned. Everything is fucking sheer chance, and we should all just stop being hypocrites and plainly accept this fact. Nobody deserves anything. And I want everything. Ahh, Marx, Camus and Orwell I love you guys, you've warped my concept of life to the degree that I don't really want to meet any new people because I asume everyone is a stupid cunt anyway.

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Ten Things that Tick me off. [10 Sep 2003|09:54am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Ten Things that Tick me right off

1. People who presume to know everything about you and how you work yet haven't even spoken to you. Who presume that because of past actions thats who you are, and don't look at the current tense.
2. People who hate you in the past and now suddenly like you, its called two faced, I have something you want, don't waste your time in being concieted and try to be my friend.
3. People who say the poverbial "It'll last two weeks". I do this myself, but only in utterly ridiculous relationships where its clear to even the people within them, that it sure as hell ain't going to work. Non the less, let me be contradictive, but I hate it when someone says this about me, as If I was that niave I would end the relationship before it progressed if I didn't think it would last, hence the crap I get into with guys.
4. Cam Whores. I'd prefer to base you on your intellect and personality, so really sending me hundreds of pictures of you in a small bikini and on a bed really aren't going to impress, it'll just make me think that person more of a concieted and shallow person. I don't care what you look like.
5. Drama Queens and of course Kings. I know everyone is all dramafied at one point or another, but I really am sick of people who take it up as a profession. In real life and not. So you've broke a nail....big deal. Plus that forums never going to get any better if all your doing is whining about the way your treated. Its not a job, you don't get a Union and the hours you pick. Whats the big deal?
6. Phone Companies. Those that decide to keep me hanging for days and take away my main method of contact with the outside world. I am most increasingly pissed off at these people and if I get another phone call from Pat saying I have his girlfriends phone number, I shall scream.
7. Banks. Who can't sort out there accounts and give me the right one. Of course I'm not alone in this, but if I had known beforehand that this bank had fucked so many people over, then I would have went somewhere else.
8. Attention Seekers. You don't actually have to jump up and down to seek attention and sorts. I can't stand people that exaggerate things to make themselves seem so much more interesting. I'm sure if they just focused on what there strengths are instead of making them up they would get along fine.
9. Forums. Its a forum, you post there for fun, do you not? So why rant and rave about not liking a particular forum? Just leave if you dislike it so much, and if your addicted, why not get rehab, you can actually do so for internet addictions these days.
10. Stereotypes. Just because someone looks like the stereotypical individual, doesn't mean they conform to it. I may like wearing black but that does not make me a goth, I just like feeling slim, which the colour black tends to do to me.

rant done for the day, don't take any offence obviously, its just a generalised post on things I mildly to moderatly dislike and hate. If you take offense then thats your problem and you need to ask yourself; "Am I Insecure?". I am just merely saying my dislikes and of course because people are entitled to their own opinions, is perfectly justified.

Have a good day.

PS: Feel free to do your list, I'm sure I'll have to update it at some point.

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Biggest hate of all ^^ [05 Sep 2003|10:58pm]

[ mood | cynical ]



Ok thats another thing I hate....and possibly most of all....is the Drama. I'm sure I'm not alone here, but theres just times where you want to slap someone in the face and tell them to step away from the keyboard.

You may think your life is a soap opera, but I asure you its not. Even if it was, why the hell do you need to aquire actors and actresses to play roles?

Its your life, just fucking deal with it and stop with the drama. We don't need drama to keep us entertained, I think living life will be enough thanks.

I could cut the drama with a knife and serve it on a plate. That or Make an entire series of a soap opera.

Some people really do need reality checks.

Tune in! Next week!

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Lj...stab [05 Sep 2003|10:45am]

[ mood | complacent ]

I've decided that my new hate will be the gay layout for Livejournal.

I can't stand it. It looks so plain...before there wasn't so much white space and now...it looks as if the page is still in development and is unfinished.

I hate it when layouts change...especially so drastically....I want the menu at the side back...

Oh well I shall adapt, but being a loyal Lj user for 3 years now, I am rather pissed off at having to change the way I view the pages.

Change is good? Not a chance.

I guess....SOMEBODY...has to like it...

Just not me ;_;

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Moles and Men [30 Aug 2003|03:35am]

[ mood | confused ]

I hate this... The current relationship I'm in has been the best relationship I've been in ever since I've started dating. I feel so comfortable and happy around my boyfriend. But recently, things have just not been so good. While I'm completely happy with the whole thing, he has to turn around and make huge deals out of things that are so minescule... Things would be so much better if he'd just fecking let some things go. I realized back in the day that not every relationship is going to be perfect. You're always going to have some squabbles or disagreements, that's pretty much a natural thing. But what I do have a problem with is when he has to make a fucking mountain out of a mole hill. First it's that I don't kiss him enough, next it's that I'm not being physical enough. The next time it's just that I forgot to call him to inform him of something and he completely flies off the handle. I wish he would just realize how great this relationship has been... We will have been together 3 months on the 30th... and that's longer than a few of my relationships right there.

*sighs* I just dunno how to tell him to chill out and quit nagging. I wish he would just realize how rediculous some of these things he's trying to nit pick at me are. I honestly love him to death, but he's driving me crazy.

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Friends who aren't very good friends... [27 Aug 2003|10:27pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]

Today my "friend" from school IMed me. All of the sudden he blurts out "You know none of us are really your friends, right? We all make fun of you behind your back."

He proceeded to tell me times when they had made fun of me non stop while I wasn't around. I was upset, I was yelling, I threatened to kill him, asked him why he was saying all these horrible things..

.. Them he tells me, he was just joking. And everything in me just snapped. How could someone be so cruel as to reduce their supposed friend to tears, merely for a laugh?

So this is my first rant.

I hate my supposed "friend." I hope he fucking dies. I hope he fucking dies by my hands nonetheless. He doesn't deserve my friendship, he doesn't deserve anything from me, except a long and painful death..


Have any of you ever experienced anything like this? At all? How did you react? I just can't take it, I hate him so much I could wring his neck right now. I know people make fun of me, but to be told, as a joke, that all my friends do? Thats not right, and I'm emnotionally crushed right now.

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[26 Aug 2003|11:31am]

[ mood | silly ]

Things I hate:

Stupid people.

Drama queens.
Attention whores.
Twisted psycho girls.
Stupid yaoi fangirls.
Fangirls in general.
"Little girls"

RPG addicts.
Heartless people.
People with no personalities.
Most of the people in #animeleague.
People who kiss up for power/attention.

The customers at my job.
The managers at my job.
Old housemates.

And oh yes, you.

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Rant #2 [26 Aug 2003|01:37pm]

[ mood | complacent ]

Ok well...heres another rant from me...

One thing I truely hate...

When you make really good friens via a message board, you don't post there anymore and then that friend completly forgets about you. I hate it because even though I consider that person or person(s) in my case, a really good friend, they just don't give me the light of day because I'm not at the same message board as them any more or I don't post so much. Its not my fault that I can't but it annoys me that people can be so inconsiderate and just not care about "said friends" unless there posting mindless shit on a forum that they go to.

I know its not true friendship then, and it actually verges on being extremly shallow. Its just hurtful that I would consider so many people to be friends and because I don't post at al or fg any more, I'm tossed away like trash. Perhaps my bad for not going there any more, but its bloody annoying.

Another thing I hate. Drama. The internet seems to be one big cess pool of drama to me. Why can't people just get on or not talk at all? Why feel the need to publically show your hate for someone when you really don't care about them and there life? I can see it if you really care about the person and need to expell some feelings, but if its some random person you don't even know, you really should get a grip and reaccess what you do and don't care about. I hate the internet, because you can't see the other person at the other side, its easy to assume things that aren't true and think that they hate you or are mad at you. Its really frustrating at times. But generally all this drama is caused by a misunderstanding of each other. You don't like each other, just don't speak to one another, theres no reason to go get people on your side or make big public entries about your hate for them or the injustice. If you really didn't care about them, then why such the attention?

I also hate reputations...god, why should we care about reputations on the internet? Gossip and Rumours? We're not in the playground, theres no point in spreading gossip or paying any attention to it at all. If somethings false ad you know its false, why go round and justify it if your not even friends with the people that believe it. You don't work or live near them every day, your not likely to bump into them half way down the street and there going to shout; "Oh I heard you cybered with so and so". Nobody actually does that. Do you honestly think a reputation on here is going to translate exactly to one offline? The things people get wound up about is so stupid. People take others online far too seriously. We shouldn't.

Life shouldn't be terribly serious, niether should all the online crap of the day.

[/end rant]

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In the hole [24 Aug 2003|01:16am]

[ mood | blah ]

I absolutely hate not having any money. One of my pet peeves is being in debt. I honestly hate owing people money. I've been applying to just about every place I can think of that would hire an 18 year old desperate to work shitty hours for shitty pay, but most of the time when I actually got a call back, they said they were waiting for school to start so they can determine just how many need to be hired and where. ARUGH! I NEED SOME FECKING MONEY!!! I need to pay off the debts. I need to get a new car... or at least one that will run. I mean, the one I've got now runs MOST of the time, but it's had its iffy moments. *grumble*

And whoring myself is COMPLETELY out of the question. XD *lol*

Would any of you perchance need someone killed and would be willing to pay me something for it? XD BLAH! I'm just kidding.

Being poor just fecking sucks my ass.

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Maybe You should take the time to read [23 Aug 2003|06:35pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

It seems that I have to itterate the rules.

Could before making and passing judgement on this community, could you read the rules. This community was in no way made because of broken hearts. What gives you that impression I shall never know. I for one do not have a broken heart, I'm sure it works perfectly well.

It was made in pent up anger, because yes, there are alot of things that piss many people off, myself included. So instead of putting endless rants in my own journal, I felt it would be appropriate if I made a lj community in which to place them as it would seem that alot of people tend to rant also. Also keeps my own journal, relativly Drama Free.

If you want to say that this community is to get back at someone, I am sure that I would have done far worse than this. So please base your accusations on something true and not random gossip.

Everyone has there right to express there opinions. Freedom Of Speech it would seem. If you cannot handle the feedback you gain, then I suggest you don't speak again unless you can deal with the consiquences. You may have to deal with randomisations that you have made, so be prepared to deal with the responses, or else don't make your opinion known.

If you have a problem with this community, its simple. Don't join it in the first place.

What members post is of there own accord. I cannot be held responsible for this, and the community shall not be either. So please refrain from labelling the community on what few members say or display.

Again I would like to stress, that this is a livejournal community. It is also moderated. it is not a playground for your personal dispuites and if again I find anyone breaking the rules, I shall have to remove you from this community, either temporary or permanently. I take this community serious, and I shall enforce rules.

In recent events however, I must say that some people should grow up and learn to see beyond what they think they know and actually look at the truth instead. If you have any questions please contact me and I shall clear them up for you.

Rules of Conduct

1. It is one thing to hate a general subject but it is another to hate a person. Although we allow you to express your feelings on a variety of subjects, we will not tolerate the hate of another human being who is outwith the public eye.
2. Flaming is not permitted. Flaming another member of the comunity or anyone else will result in a temperary ban. Continue flaming and the ban shall be extended and you will be expelled from the community.
3. This community is light hearted. We will not take anything said in seriousness, so I stress that you should not bring personal conflicts into the community at any said time.
4. If you would like to be added to this community then join and comment here and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.

Any queries contact the community maintainer or moderators.

spriter and mother

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ahah [23 Aug 2003|08:41am]

[ mood | disappointed ]

There are a lot of things I could rant about. One of them though… oh you know what? Nevermind. I just hate seeing things come out in people that I like. I don’t mind a rant community, no matter what the inspiration for its creation, for everything has the ability to change and move on from what it first was. But seeing things that’s happened already, and other places around this cesspool that we dub livejournal makes me sick.

Oh, and I hate fingernails on chalkboards. People that do that should have their fingers cut off and beat with them.


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oops, forgot something [23 Aug 2003|12:40am]

and another thing people, IT'S A FUCKING MESSAGE BOARD ON THE INTERNET!!! Go out and have real lives...and then come and rant about how unfair people treat each other. I have no sympathy for those of you who get over dramatical over a fucking website.
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I join, speak my mind, and will most likely be banned and hated, ooooh what the fuck why not! [23 Aug 2003|12:37am]

[ mood | uncaring and sassy ]

Right so here's my rant.

First of all, this place is supposed to be a place where we freely rant about things..and not people, and not calling people in the public out. But by saying that this was inspired by a person, who you all dislike greatly is the same thing.

Another thing....what the in hell does Sakura Taisen have to do with your constant whining and bitching about how much you feel your life and the things around it suck? Leave poor Sakura Taisen out of your ill targeted angsty teen raging.

As far as men go....it's pointless whining and complaining about them. If you feel you were only used for things and were lied to, it was probably because you opened yourself up to be vulnerable to them and they took advantage of it, and you know what?? Girls do it too. Try being coaxed into a situation where you think a guy cares about how you feel after a boyfriend that you cared for deeply broke up with you, and then used your emotional state as a way to throw you off and rape you. THEN come bitch to me about men. And honestly, it wouldn't hurt if put effort into the relationship. There's a reason men masturbate so much, it's because they aren't being pleased otherwise.

Lastly...relationships start and they end. Simple as that. Going as far as creating a live journal community based solely around the fact that a boyfriend "broke your heart" is way beyond immature...so beyond that I don't think they have a word for it yet. Go ahead and say it was "inspired" by him, but we all know this is your way of going on line and stomping around to have a temper tantrum and have other mindless idiots back you up.

Way to be, way to be.

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*sighs* [22 Aug 2003|08:29pm]

Anyone wanna make some new icons?
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A rant [22 Aug 2003|12:48pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Okay... This is my first rant... I feel so on the spot. ^_^; I hope I can live up to your guys' expectations.

The first thing I noticed since I was first modded at AL was a certain division among the staff members. You always had the "Free supports" who would basically agree to walking off into a firey volcano if Free suggested that it might be a good idea. Pretty much all I saw from their posts was "Yes! That's a good idea! Whatever you say Free! Whatever you say! *makes a whole lot of kissey sounds*" Then there were those staff members that were actually willing to be honest about the ideas presented before them. They actually gave honest and valid input into the ideas presented and weren't afraid to go against Free's ideas. I always looked up to these members of staff... Halo, Blah, Kami, RagZ... They were actually willing to say something. Then I came to the wall where every single one of those honest staff members went. Basically, any decision you made was overridden by Free because he felt he know the individual involved better than anyone else on the forum and was able to make a better decision than the person ascribed, by him, to watch over the forum. To my knowledge, he was supposed to put enough trust into those people elected and made mods of those sections to carry out the rules as best as they saw fit. So when he felt like he knew someone better, he felt the need to castrate those mods and basically overrule whatever punishment/advice/warnings that the mod gave the person. It's honestly a VERY bad "parenting technique." If you have a mom that scolds her child for doing something she thought was wrong, but then you have their daddy coming in behind her just telling the kid that "Oh, she just had a bad day, it wasn't your fault," the of course the child would think they were in the right to have done what they did. Basically, everytime the child would get in trouble with the mother, it would go running to the father to relieve it's punishment, because basically everything it would do was right in their own opinion. This is exactly what Free's doing to his staff members and other admins. He's basically making the staff he elected to do the job of carrying out the rules for him because he can't possibly cover all of the forum himself, to make things much more peaceful, useless. So basically he's rendering his staff useless... What fucking good is that going to do him? And if he's so sick of the mutiny of the staff members with them going behind his back to get things done, then he should actually maybe try to stand behind the staff members for once in his fecking life instead of the regular members. That just goes to show me that he's more interested in the number of posters he has rather than the quality of the posts/members of the forum. If he's honestly getting sick of doing things by himself, then he should learn to distribute the work load evenly among the members he elected to help him in the first place. But if he feels the need to do things on his own because he seems to think that none of the other staff members can do it right or better, then I don't think he has a right to complain about being overworked. When you take on the role of the fucking superstar of AL, you should learn to take the hits along with the praises. You will always be a target when you decide to give yourself the title of God of AL. If he wishes things to work a bit more smoothly, then I say, put a little bit of trust back into you staff members. Trust them to do the job you elected them to do. If you can't, then what's the point of having the staff members in the first place?

*lets out a big long breath of air* I seriously just needed to get that out.

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My first rant :D [22 Aug 2003|08:21am]

[ mood | rushed ]

My major rant is men in general.

Why do you men have to be so damn idiotic and just..just..ARG X__X

It is 8am and I'm trying to write a decent rant on men. God help me.
OK lets start with every man on earth has tried to use me for sex, and some have. All I've ever gotten is fake love. I do not see why every women dosent become a lesbian, it's not like we don't have dildos to be satisfied with, or strap-ons >>

Also the fact men are porn obessed and do nothing but fap 20 times a day to pictures of tits. MUPPETS! ><
I guess it just takes more to turn a girl on? perhaps we have smaller libidos or some shit. Who knows. All I know is they should cutt down before they put out an eye.

Going along the lines of Jennys rant is fake boobs: Why are round , fake, water-filled boobs so appealing? If you want them so bad then gain some weight, christ. I'm happy enough with mine and ocassionaly want SMALLER ones. I don't get the significance of putting shit and plastic into your body for a man. It's damn pathetic

:D ok im done.


2 Bitched xxx Bitch..

First Hate! WoOt WOoT [22 Aug 2003|12:09pm]

[ mood | angry ]

Well now that the rules and such are up (formalities you see) I'd like to start with my first hate....

Well...Fake boobs...

I guess my prime hate target would be

How many boob jobs HAS Jordan had? I mean...won't there be a point when she is nothing more than plastic? She should be a Barbie cosplayer, I bet she has more plastic in her chest than a Barbie doll factory has EVER.

Yes she may look nice and "beautiful" to some men, but all she gives off is the impression that shes a major slut, backed by the fact shes slept with gareth Gates and willing to admit it fully in a book. Now come on, isn't your sex life suposed to be private? And shes publishing a BOOK on it!!

I don't see why in this day and age, bigger boobs are seen as better. I bet Jordan can never do Jumping Jacks unless she wants two black eyes (which she normally had due to bad eye makeup) and a broken nose.

Why oh why should young girls be brought up reading glamour magazines and growing up thinking that the only way they'll get on in life is by having big boobs and acting like a slut :\

Well thats me for my first rant. Come on! Post away your hates and annoyances :)

Jens first hate : Plastic Surgery and Jordan :D

2 Bitched xxx Bitch..

Welcome to Freehate [22 Aug 2003|11:48am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Welcome to Freehate, a lj community inspired by freesaiyan.

Our aim as a community is to give regular lj users a chance to expell there feelings and pet hates about certain subjects and people in the public eye. This is by no means a hate freesaiyan lj community, just a place in which to expell feelings so that we can keep our journals relativly drama free.

There are some ground rules however. I shall explain them here. If a member does not adhere to the rules, they will be banned from the community, perhaps permanently.

Rules of Conduct

1. It is one thing to hate a general subject but it is another to hate a person. Although we allow you to express your feelings on a variety of subjects, we will not tolerate the hate of another human being who is outwith the public eye.
2. Flaming is not permitted. Flaming another member of the comunity or anyone else will result in a temperary ban. Continue flaming and the ban shall be extended and you will be expelled from the community.
3. This community is light hearted. We will not take anything said in seriousness, so I stress that you should not bring personal conflicts into the community at any said time.
4. If you would like to be added to this community then join and comment here and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.

Any queries contact the community maintainer or moderators.

mother and spriter

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