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A rant

Okay... This is my first rant... I feel so on the spot. ^_^; I hope I can live up to your guys' expectations.

The first thing I noticed since I was first modded at AL was a certain division among the staff members. You always had the "Free supports" who would basically agree to walking off into a firey volcano if Free suggested that it might be a good idea. Pretty much all I saw from their posts was "Yes! That's a good idea! Whatever you say Free! Whatever you say! *makes a whole lot of kissey sounds*" Then there were those staff members that were actually willing to be honest about the ideas presented before them. They actually gave honest and valid input into the ideas presented and weren't afraid to go against Free's ideas. I always looked up to these members of staff... Halo, Blah, Kami, RagZ... They were actually willing to say something. Then I came to the wall where every single one of those honest staff members went. Basically, any decision you made was overridden by Free because he felt he know the individual involved better than anyone else on the forum and was able to make a better decision than the person ascribed, by him, to watch over the forum. To my knowledge, he was supposed to put enough trust into those people elected and made mods of those sections to carry out the rules as best as they saw fit. So when he felt like he knew someone better, he felt the need to castrate those mods and basically overrule whatever punishment/advice/warnings that the mod gave the person. It's honestly a VERY bad "parenting technique." If you have a mom that scolds her child for doing something she thought was wrong, but then you have their daddy coming in behind her just telling the kid that "Oh, she just had a bad day, it wasn't your fault," the of course the child would think they were in the right to have done what they did. Basically, everytime the child would get in trouble with the mother, it would go running to the father to relieve it's punishment, because basically everything it would do was right in their own opinion. This is exactly what Free's doing to his staff members and other admins. He's basically making the staff he elected to do the job of carrying out the rules for him because he can't possibly cover all of the forum himself, to make things much more peaceful, useless. So basically he's rendering his staff useless... What fucking good is that going to do him? And if he's so sick of the mutiny of the staff members with them going behind his back to get things done, then he should actually maybe try to stand behind the staff members for once in his fecking life instead of the regular members. That just goes to show me that he's more interested in the number of posters he has rather than the quality of the posts/members of the forum. If he's honestly getting sick of doing things by himself, then he should learn to distribute the work load evenly among the members he elected to help him in the first place. But if he feels the need to do things on his own because he seems to think that none of the other staff members can do it right or better, then I don't think he has a right to complain about being overworked. When you take on the role of the fucking superstar of AL, you should learn to take the hits along with the praises. You will always be a target when you decide to give yourself the title of God of AL. If he wishes things to work a bit more smoothly, then I say, put a little bit of trust back into you staff members. Trust them to do the job you elected them to do. If you can't, then what's the point of having the staff members in the first place?

*lets out a big long breath of air* I seriously just needed to get that out.
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