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I join, speak my mind, and will most likely be banned and hated, ooooh what the fuck why not!

Right so here's my rant.

First of all, this place is supposed to be a place where we freely rant about things..and not people, and not calling people in the public out. But by saying that this was inspired by a person, who you all dislike greatly is the same thing.

Another thing....what the in hell does Sakura Taisen have to do with your constant whining and bitching about how much you feel your life and the things around it suck? Leave poor Sakura Taisen out of your ill targeted angsty teen raging.

As far as men's pointless whining and complaining about them. If you feel you were only used for things and were lied to, it was probably because you opened yourself up to be vulnerable to them and they took advantage of it, and you know what?? Girls do it too. Try being coaxed into a situation where you think a guy cares about how you feel after a boyfriend that you cared for deeply broke up with you, and then used your emotional state as a way to throw you off and rape you. THEN come bitch to me about men. And honestly, it wouldn't hurt if put effort into the relationship. There's a reason men masturbate so much, it's because they aren't being pleased otherwise.

Lastly...relationships start and they end. Simple as that. Going as far as creating a live journal community based solely around the fact that a boyfriend "broke your heart" is way beyond beyond that I don't think they have a word for it yet. Go ahead and say it was "inspired" by him, but we all know this is your way of going on line and stomping around to have a temper tantrum and have other mindless idiots back you up.

Way to be, way to be.
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