Amun Naal (nekophoenix) wrote in freehate,
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Friends who aren't very good friends...

Today my "friend" from school IMed me. All of the sudden he blurts out "You know none of us are really your friends, right? We all make fun of you behind your back."

He proceeded to tell me times when they had made fun of me non stop while I wasn't around. I was upset, I was yelling, I threatened to kill him, asked him why he was saying all these horrible things..

.. Them he tells me, he was just joking. And everything in me just snapped. How could someone be so cruel as to reduce their supposed friend to tears, merely for a laugh?

So this is my first rant.

I hate my supposed "friend." I hope he fucking dies. I hope he fucking dies by my hands nonetheless. He doesn't deserve my friendship, he doesn't deserve anything from me, except a long and painful death..


Have any of you ever experienced anything like this? At all? How did you react? I just can't take it, I hate him so much I could wring his neck right now. I know people make fun of me, but to be told, as a joke, that all my friends do? Thats not right, and I'm emnotionally crushed right now.
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