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Moles and Men

I hate this... The current relationship I'm in has been the best relationship I've been in ever since I've started dating. I feel so comfortable and happy around my boyfriend. But recently, things have just not been so good. While I'm completely happy with the whole thing, he has to turn around and make huge deals out of things that are so minescule... Things would be so much better if he'd just fecking let some things go. I realized back in the day that not every relationship is going to be perfect. You're always going to have some squabbles or disagreements, that's pretty much a natural thing. But what I do have a problem with is when he has to make a fucking mountain out of a mole hill. First it's that I don't kiss him enough, next it's that I'm not being physical enough. The next time it's just that I forgot to call him to inform him of something and he completely flies off the handle. I wish he would just realize how great this relationship has been... We will have been together 3 months on the 30th... and that's longer than a few of my relationships right there.

*sighs* I just dunno how to tell him to chill out and quit nagging. I wish he would just realize how rediculous some of these things he's trying to nit pick at me are. I honestly love him to death, but he's driving me crazy.
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