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Ten Things that Tick me off.

Ten Things that Tick me right off

1. People who presume to know everything about you and how you work yet haven't even spoken to you. Who presume that because of past actions thats who you are, and don't look at the current tense.
2. People who hate you in the past and now suddenly like you, its called two faced, I have something you want, don't waste your time in being concieted and try to be my friend.
3. People who say the poverbial "It'll last two weeks". I do this myself, but only in utterly ridiculous relationships where its clear to even the people within them, that it sure as hell ain't going to work. Non the less, let me be contradictive, but I hate it when someone says this about me, as If I was that niave I would end the relationship before it progressed if I didn't think it would last, hence the crap I get into with guys.
4. Cam Whores. I'd prefer to base you on your intellect and personality, so really sending me hundreds of pictures of you in a small bikini and on a bed really aren't going to impress, it'll just make me think that person more of a concieted and shallow person. I don't care what you look like.
5. Drama Queens and of course Kings. I know everyone is all dramafied at one point or another, but I really am sick of people who take it up as a profession. In real life and not. So you've broke a nail....big deal. Plus that forums never going to get any better if all your doing is whining about the way your treated. Its not a job, you don't get a Union and the hours you pick. Whats the big deal?
6. Phone Companies. Those that decide to keep me hanging for days and take away my main method of contact with the outside world. I am most increasingly pissed off at these people and if I get another phone call from Pat saying I have his girlfriends phone number, I shall scream.
7. Banks. Who can't sort out there accounts and give me the right one. Of course I'm not alone in this, but if I had known beforehand that this bank had fucked so many people over, then I would have went somewhere else.
8. Attention Seekers. You don't actually have to jump up and down to seek attention and sorts. I can't stand people that exaggerate things to make themselves seem so much more interesting. I'm sure if they just focused on what there strengths are instead of making them up they would get along fine.
9. Forums. Its a forum, you post there for fun, do you not? So why rant and rave about not liking a particular forum? Just leave if you dislike it so much, and if your addicted, why not get rehab, you can actually do so for internet addictions these days.
10. Stereotypes. Just because someone looks like the stereotypical individual, doesn't mean they conform to it. I may like wearing black but that does not make me a goth, I just like feeling slim, which the colour black tends to do to me.

rant done for the day, don't take any offence obviously, its just a generalised post on things I mildly to moderatly dislike and hate. If you take offense then thats your problem and you need to ask yourself; "Am I Insecure?". I am just merely saying my dislikes and of course because people are entitled to their own opinions, is perfectly justified.

Have a good day.

PS: Feel free to do your list, I'm sure I'll have to update it at some point.
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